Who We Are


The Home Builders Association of Northeast Iowa (HBANEI) was founded in 1955 as a trade association representing every facet of the residential building industry in northeast Iowa.

More than 80 member companies benefit from membership in the Home Builders Association of Northeast Iowa. The association provides services, programs, legislative representation, and membership opportunities to professionals in the building trades available only through HBANEI

HBANEI members are the architects, builders, remodelers, suppliers, manufacturers, developers, and sales and marketing professionals in your community who provide quality homes, reliable service, and professional building expertise to thousands of families in northeast Iowa. HBANEI members are also members of our state and national associations, the Home Builders Association of Iowa and the National Association of Home Builders.

Homeownership ... The Heart of the American Dream
The Builders and Associates of HBANEI help the people of northeast Iowa make the American dream a reality everyday. And experts from scholars to economists to family planners agree that homeownership is good for families and good for America. Homeownership:

  • Strengthens families and promotes good citizenship.
  • Promotes personal financial security.
  • Homeownership helps stabilize neighborhoods and strengthens communities.
  • Homeownership fosters economic prosperity for families and communities.

The homes and communities built by members of HBANEI are among the most desirable in the northeast Iowa area. Our member builders, remodelers, and associates have helped thousands of families achieve the American Dream in 10 northeast Iowa counties: Allamakee, Bremer, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Grundy, Hardin, and Winneshiek.

The Home Builders Association of Northeast Iowa is Northeast Iowa's most authoritative and dependable source of information on the housing industry for government, the public, the media, and homeowners. Contact the Home Builders Association of Northeast Iowa at 319-233-0565 or email HBANEI at builderinfo@hbaneiowa.com for more information.

Go Green

The Home Builders Association of Northeast Iowa is proud to recognize and promote the responsible building practices that the green building movement has inspired.  Please visit our Building Green in Iowa page for more information.


What We Do

As the regions principal builders association, the Home Builders Association of Northeast Iowa helps hundreds of local homebuilders and building suppliers connect with thousands of consumers every year. From new homebuyers in search of a reputable, quality builder to homeowners needing renovations and remodeling, the HBANEI serves as northeast Iowa's definitive resource for connecting building professionals with consumers.

The association is also the principal interface between the building profession, the public, and government. We take an active role in addressing legislative and regulatory issues facing the building industry on a local, state, and national level. The HBANEI helps local governments and regulatory agencies create practical and economical building code policies, saving consumers thousands of dollars every year.

Reliable, Ethical Service
When you hire an HBANEI builder or associate, you're hiring a skilled, experienced professional. Our members are expert craftsman, trained, knowledgeable, responsible, and ethical. HBANEI members give you the security and peace of mind you only get from working with experienced professionals in the building industry.

Our members endorse a simple set of basic principles:
  • Consumers in Northeast Iowa can rely on HBANEI members to be professional, dependable, highly skilled craftsman.
  • HBANEI members are licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • HBANEI members will demonstrate the highest level of Quality, Service, Reliability, and Ethical Conduct, and deliver these standards to every customer and every home they build.

these standards to every customer and every home they build. HBANEI members take these principals seriously. Because our members aren't just local building professionals … they're also your neighbors. They live, work, and serve in the same communities you do. So they're committed to preserving the beauty, integrity, and lifestyle of your community ... because it's their community too.

Serving Our Members ... Serving Our Community
HBANEI helps our members provide safe, affordable, quality housing to thousands of people in Northeast Iowa. Our association provides industry information and education to our members and the public. We promote a positive image of our industry and our members by actively upholding the ethical behavior and professional standards of our members. The HBANEI participates in legislative and regulatory processes on behalf of our members and the consumers we serve.

Our association is active in community outreach and charitable programs. HBANEI public service projects include shelter houses for municipal parks, handicap ramps, concession stands for area school districts, and volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. HBANEI's scholarship program awards thousands of dollars yearly to help area students study for careers in the building trades at northeast Iowa colleges and universities.

For more information, contact us at 319-233-0565 or


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